MISS UNIVERSE: Beauty Contest vs. MISS MULTIVERSE: The Personality TV Format.

Miss UNIVERSE is dealing with an identity crisis regarding its format, while Miss MULTIVERSE - the personality contest - is trending with the TV show "I Am Multiverse": The Search for the Most Amazing Woman on Earth.9 min

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Liinda Grandia vs Anne Jakrajutatip - Miss Universe vs Miss Multiverse
Liinda Grandia vs Anne Jakrajutatip - Miss Universe vs Miss Multiverse

The emergence of Miss Multiverse, an innovative personality contest featuring a reality TV show format titled “I Am Multiverse,” has gained momentum and positioned itself as a significant contender to the Miss Universe Organization.

The format has redefined traditional competitions with its focus on celebrating women who possess multiple talents and skills, with a transparent score system based on achievements and challenges. This approach has resonated with modern women who seek transparency and recognition of their multifaceted identities within a brand that aligns with contemporary Multiverse and Metaverse trends.

Meanwhile, the Miss Universe Organization is facing a transformative crisis as it attempts to modernize its format and redefine its brand identity in response to the changing needs of a diverse and discerning audience that seeks innovation and transparency. As reported by the NY-Times: By today’s standards, looking for a single ideal of beauty feels antiquated and unenlightened.

The show’s concept inspired by the multiverse explored in Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole,” has provided audiences with its unique approach to personality contests that captivated audiences worldwide. As reported by the leading portal: Space.com | TechCrhunch | DirectTV | The Hollywood Reporter: The concept of the multiverse has been a recurring theme in popular culture that will continue to lead the future of the entertainment industry. From Stan Lee’s early comics to modern Marvel Studios movies like Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Strange. The all-compassing concept of Miss Multiverse will continue to resonated with fans of all ages, and contestants from all walks of life. Miss Multiverse is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting trend.

Liinda Grandia. Owner and founder of Miss Multiverse

Miss Multiverse and its TV format, “I am Multiverse,” as reported by the New York Post’s – PageSix : Donald Trump, who has previously shown interest in the trademark during the registration process in the USA. Donald Trump become the president of the United States and sold the Miss Universe trademark to WME | IMG whom revamped the opposition. Think of the budget and caliber of law firms hired by TV and media industry Goliath; such as, WGM and IMG Sold For $2.3 Billion To William Morris Endeavor, pursuing your trademark in court.

Talk about David and Goliath, quite intimidating!

However, Liinda Grandia, the CEO of Miss Multiverse, remained optimistic throughout the process and continued to believe in her vision. With persistence and determination, she successfully registered the trademark.

The opposition served to highlight significant differences between the concepts of Miss Universe and Miss Multiverse. In the context of pageantry, the word “multiverse” suggests an infinite scope of possibilities for multifaceted women to express a wider range of characteristics, such as intelligence, drive, leadership, athleticism, and many more merits, that are necessary to succeed in today’s world. whereas the word “universe” implies a finite scope and limited set of possibilities, focusing primarily on traditional pageantry elements. The use of the word “multiverse” in the pageantry industry is therefore seen as reflecting a broader more encompassing and modern, understanding of what it means to be a successful and empowered woman with capacities that spans multiple areas of proficiency and achievement beyond beauty. With its newly registered trademark, Miss Multiverse is now well-positioned to continue making a positive impact on the industry and inspiring women around the world.

Liinda Grandia. Owner and founder of Miss Multiverse

As the METAVERSE & MULTIVERSE concepts continue to trend in mainstream culture, Miss Universe one of the most popular beauty pageants in the world has been facing an identity crisis while attempting to find a show format in the rapidly changing landscape of entertainment. The recent NBC News announcement of a new owner who buys the Miss Universe pageant for $20M, and plans to replicate the format of “I Am Multiverse,” is a testament to the show’s impact on the industry. While there may be challenges ahead, the team behind Miss Multiverse remains optimistic and focused on delivering a transformative and exciting entertainment experience, continuously evolving and changing the landscape of reality TV and personality contests for the better.

Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip – Owner of Miss Universe

This move from the producers of Miss Universe to replicate the TV show format of “I am Multiverse” comes despite the compromise reached during the discovery process, withdrawal, and dismissal of the case in favor of Miss Multiverse, as noted in public court records, (USTPO ESTTA693078). The legal proceedings of the USTPO ensured that Miss Multiverse’s intellectual property is protected and not subject to “fishing expedition” or creative concept espionage. This trademark victory demonstrated that Miss Multiverse is the only personality competition that consistently highlights the multifaceted aspects of a modern woman, empowering women to showcase their intelligence, dive, substance and skills beyond their physical appearance. Miss Multiverse has come a long way since its inception, breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes in the beauty industry. Despite this, Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip announced that Miss Universe will expand its age group, and civil status “under one title” in addition to the incorporation of the transformational leadership format of the “I am Multiverse” TV show, while claiming that this move is to bring Miss Universe back to what it was prior to the year 2000.

Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip – Owner of Miss Universe

However, this statement is “not correct” as the Miss Universe pageant has never had such a format or age range in its history. It has been all about “Beauty, beauty, beauty” on a grand show on stage, and has produced a TV program Miss Universe MTV’s “Pageant Place”, showcasing “pageant drama and comedy” filmed Kim Kardashian style with women competing based on superficial issues, and prompting the question: What happens when Miss Universe rivals become roommates? It is worth mentioning that such TV formats exploring the negative aspects of pageantry culture with dramatization, such as “Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers & Tiaras” that premiered on TLC, may have contributed to the negative stigma surrounding pageantry, making it difficult for major networks to promote such content.

“I am Multiverse” is the one and only TV show that consistently and specifically focuses on showcasing multifaceted women, emphasizing the importance of being a well-rounded woman with diverse skills. It first aired in 2012, and the show features women of a wider age range and civil status, competing in challenges that test their abilities in various areas, including strategic thinking, sports, leadership, and business.

But sometimes, in order to win a 5D chess-game, it pays to stick to your strategic-game-plan and play the process rather than back down. With no attorney representation, Miss Multiverse accomplished a victory of the likes never seen before in oppositions filed by lawyers of Miss Universe. During the 4-year-long judicial process, it became clear that Miss Multiverse is in no way similar to Miss Universe. Even if they would redesign activities to mirror the Miss Multiverse format, their trademarks would not eloquently describe “all qualities under one title” such as Miss Multiverse.

Liinda Grandia. Owner and founder of Miss Multiverse

Miss Multiverse celebrates the success of its competitors in the industry, including Miss Universe, and does not seek to be confrontational with Miss Universe. Instead, the focus is on highlighting the unique qualities of the formats while being mindful of each other’s intellectual properties and creative concepts. Miss Multiverse is confident that it will never be possible for the Miss Universe trademark to encompass the multiple qualities of modern women. What sets the two trademarks apart is how the word “MULTIVERSE” gracefully describes the multifaceted woman of today’s society much more all-embracing of inner qualities than the word “UNIVERSE”. The word “Universe,” on the other hand, suggests a single, entity with uniform characteristics, which may not fully capture the complexity and diversity of today’s multifaceted women.

I am Multiverse Italy contestant – During her business challenge

The TV format “I am Multiverse”, with its tagline “Achievement beyond beauty”, a personality contest in search of “the most amazing woman on earth”, where contestants are pushed to their ultimate limits, to bring in to focus the contestants inner qualities, and multiple-abilities continues to gain popularity in mainstream culture, resonating with multifaceted and multi-talented women around the world.

With this current situation in mind, it is worth exploring the differences between the Miss Universe vs. Miss Multiverse competition formats. While Miss Universe is focused on physical beauty, “I am Multiverse,” a TV show that follows the Miss Multiverse personality contest, takes a different approach by showcasing intellect, drive, and achievement beyond beauty, with a set of complex strategic mind bending challenges such as:

  • The “Genius Woman IQ Showdown” Flex your cerebrum muscle in this Brain-to-Brain challenge.
  • The “From Zero to CEO: Who Rules the Boardroom” Strategic Women Entrepreneur challenge.
  • The “Yamasa School Build-Off” The hands on construction of the school for children challenge.
  • The “Surviving the deserted island” You’re Stranded: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay, Escape challenge.
  • The “Last woman standing” This is an intensive endurance challenge. Contestants are able to quit and tap out at any time until… the last woman remains standing.

Overall, “I am Multiverse” places greater emphasis on the inner qualities and abilities of the contestants, as opposed to their physical appearance alone.

The Last woman standing challenge: The ultimate endurance challenge for women.

The Miss Multiverse personality contest is rapidly expanding offering their master franchise worldwide and becoming the next big brand of competitions due to its unique approach. Unlike traditional beauty pageants, Miss Multiverse is a personality contest, not based on physical appearance. Instead, it aims to showcase the intelligence, character, substance and captivating magnetism of its contestants.

Strategic Scavenger-Hunt Challenge: Testing Leadership and Problem-Solving Skills.

Through various challenges, such as physical tests, debates, and cultural experiences, the contestants of Miss Multiverse are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities beyond physical beauty to unlock and receive descriptive awards relevant to their achievements. The awards titles are the following:

  • The title award “Miss AlphaFemale: The Leader of the Pack
    • Military style strategic scavenger-hunt leadership challenge.
  • The title award “Miss PowerWoman: The Diplomat X
    • UN style Political stateswoman & social advocate brainstorm debate.
  • The title award “Miss Megaverse: The awaken woman
    • Emotional Quotient Test Bio-Hacker, Mindfulness & Mental balance at a whole other level.
  • The title award “Miss Metaverse: The Mastermind
    • The Ultimate Innovator Web3.0 Tech Guru Challenge.
  • The title award “Miss Omniverse: The Radient OmniStar
    • The entertainment challenge. Charisma and capability to captivate a live audience.
  • The title award “Miss Multiverse: The Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled & Much more”
    • She is the one who has it all combined. “The Most Amazing Woman on Earth”

The ultimate winner of Miss Multiverse is described as a confident lady that has embraced her own unique brand of beauty and understands that her power and strength comes from her inner and outer balanced personality. This makes it an exciting competition for those who are passionate about personal growth and development.

The Slippery Obstacle Course: A Test of Agility and Balance.

Moreover, Miss Multiverse has been gaining popularity due to its emphasis on cultural diversity and inclusion. The personality contest welcomes contestants from all over the world, accepting a wider age range of participants regardless of civil status, they can be married or single, with or without children, and can be from any ethnicity, race or religion. This makes it a platform to showcase their individuality and unique talents.

The Slippery Obstacle Course: A Test of Agility and Balance.

The Miss Multiverse personality contest has no judges; scores are based on achievements that are clearly visible to the participants and viewers alike. The winner accumulates scores by conquering strategic thinking, business development, philanthropy, leadership, and sports challenges with a clear outcome.

As the Miss Universe pageant faces financial difficulties and rumors of corruption, it may be time for a change in the pageant industry outdated judging system. The Miss Multiverse personality contest offers a refreshing and comprehensive alternative that celebrates the achievements and talents of women beyond physical beauty. It is a personality contest that offers a unique experience to its contestants and is rapidly becoming a brand to watch in the industry.

Stephanie Almeida from the USA is the winner of "I a Multiverse 2022," based on strategic thinking and singing talent on stage.
Stephanie Almeida from the USA is the winner of “I a Multiverse 2022

Stephanie Almeida an actress and business woman from the USA became the winner of “I a Multiverse 2022,” based on strategic thinking, leadership, genuine personality and capability to captivate a live audience on the grand stage of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

In a recent interview on Angelopedia Stephanie described Miss Multiverse as the hardest thing she has ever done, pushing her to put all her skills and knowledge to the test. She was grateful for the opportunity to compete in a show that tests not only beauty but also knowledge, strength, skills, and personality.

The Miss Multiverse Personality contest is receiving significant support from well-known brands such as Hard Rock Hotels in Punta Cana, Mercedes Benz, and CocoBongo. These brands have recognized the unique approach of Miss Multiverse in focusing on intellect, drive, and achievement beyond physical beauty. By incubating the growth of Miss Multiverse, these brands are contributing to an industry that celebrates diversity and inclusion, and provides a platform for women to showcase their individuality and unique talents.

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