Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine – Interview

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Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

We spotted Alyona Smirnova TV personality best known for The Bachelor TV Show (2017) and currently, as the Ukranian international finalist in the 2019 search for : The Most Amazing Woman on Earth.

We asked Miss Ukraine contestant, Alyona our quickfire questions as she prepares for the new season of this popular Reality Show & Competition that will be filmed in the Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana. Sparkling, crystal clear ocean waves and long, powdery white sand beaches define the area of this picture-perfect tropical paradise.

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

I usually wake up at… 

To tell the truth I’m not the early riser but I push myself to get out of the bed and start my day from 8:00 cause I’m pretty active person so I need time to make everything I planned for this day.

I would never leave my home without… 

I would never leave my home without my phone. I couldn’t imagine my day without my phone. All contacts, schedule, even money and keys from my home – everything is inside this small gadget. What to say? Digital era is ruling the world.

My beauty essentials include… 

Girls, you don’t need essentials to be beautiful. The top secret of my beauty is smile and good mood but of course I’m using cosmetics and makeup.

My biggest fashion pet-peeve is… 

My most avid pet peeve is fake handbags – I cannot stand fake brands(handbags, clothes , watches, etc) when people buying or selling fake make me feel bad. To my mind it’s better to buy original but cheap ZARA then fake “Abibas”(Adidas)or “LV”.

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

My favorite travel snack is… 

I’m really into healthy food so if I cannot have normal lunch or dinner I can easily grab fruits, nuts or protein.

The last thing Alyona Googled was… 

Oh, it’s pretty easy to remember cause it was flight tickets to Punta Cana.

If my days had one extra hour… 

I wish I could have 24 extra hours cause I love my life and enjoy every single minute I can learn more, do more and give more.

On a typical Saturday night, I… 

I used to work  every Saturday and Sunday when I was PR director but last 2 years I’m trying to sleep.

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

The article of clothing I’m currently wearing most… 

I’m very moody person so one day can be totally different from another in terms of style, colors, patterns, and models. The only what I can say I will for sure like it.

My biggest fashion regret is… 

You know I don’t know even what to say cause I believe that even if I wear potato sack I will do it in the way people ask where to buy this sack.

When I’m stressed I… 

I do my best to overcome this feeling and release it. The most important to wait first 12 minutes after something happened and then you can easily find out what to do and how to behave.

What I love most about my country is… 

I love my country for my nation cause Ukrainian are the friendliest people you can ever imagine. We are warmly welcoming  and open-armed. Once you are in Ukrainian family they will take care of you as if you are part of their family.

The best advice I ever got… 

Not sure it was advice but it was best guidance for my life.

My father once told me : « Timing and sesnse of moderation(balance) is everything in life » Since then I follow it.

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

If I could meet anyone living or dead it would be… 

Ohh, there are a lot!

I think I would really want to meet with Adam and Eva just to be sure that we are not from monkeys, members of Masonic Lodge to be sure with my eyes that it’s true and the fact that they are ruling the world is true.

I would really want to ask advice on how to behave with men from Kleopatra and Roxelana!

As well I would love to speak with Nicolas Tesla, Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci cause these 3 guys were able to see the future and create this future. After theirs deaths we are still using their technologies(Tesla).

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

My favorite place to shop is…

Frankly speaking I don’t have favorite place to shop but I do love buying and some times borrowing clothes from designers who are talented and creative.

I am extremely grateful to all those who supported my carrier and participation in this competition. Their help and support is invaluable for me! Knowing that they believe in me fills my heart with the kind of energy that motivates and empowers me to do my out most best.


Dasha Moodra – She is a great designer and amazing person. She even brought her jewelry for me from different city. Visit Instagram page

Founder and designer of the brand VESNA: Visit Instagram page

Dresses for final, semi final and cocktail dresses:

The following designers are unbelievably talented. If you see and try one their dresses, I can guarantee that you will never leave the store without their dresses!

Ekaterina Chepak – Absolutely amazing designer and the kindest woman I’ve ever seen. She gave me dresses which I choose during the fashion show just after this fashion show. Visit Website

Irina Adina – The sexiest designer with the sexiest dresses. She was the first one who told me I will give you everything you need for you to be the sexiest woman during this contest. She created 7 swimming suits in 2 days! Can you imagine? Unbelievable! Visit Website

Katherine Lukashyk. If you need luxury dress just check her website and you will find out the best for you. She spent all night with me just for me to be ready with the rest of the colors I needed from our Miss Multiverse list. Visit Website

National dresses:

Plahta brand and Kvitka brand were working together for my national suit. If you want to see and feel Ukrainian culture and you should just open these websites: Visit Website

Wreath for national dress: Visit Website

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

So there you have it. An inside look at Alyona Smirnova´s Mindset as she prepares for the world finals.

She will compete for the title of Miss Multiverse, against 30 women, from 30 different countries whom are on top of their game physically, mentally and emotionally.

Beauty, of course, plays a part in the competition, but winning will take Substance, Drive and Achievement Beyond Beauty.

Will Alyona Smirnova have what it takes to be The Most Amazing Woman on Earth?

Alyona Smirnova is an experienced beauty queen, she is a finalist of Miss Ukraine 2019, and was first runner-up at Miss Fashion of Ukraine (2015)

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019

Alyona is described as a successful Ukranian model, with a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations (International Commerce). and Specialist degree in International Law. She speaks several foreign languages and is passionate about fitness and extreme sports; member of Mont Blanc climbing expedition (2017) has jumped with parachute 2 times, did paragliding and received her open water diver certificate.

Alyona is currently working on her soul project – “ToU” App, designed to support, renew and improve relationship in couples and as a consequence between people in general. She disagrees with phrase: “Beauty will save the world” cause she believes only love can do it.

Alyona Smirnova is now the title holder of Miss Multiverse Ukraine 2019 and is preparing to use all her skills and experience to compete in the world finals. This is an all new competition format, designed to find the most exciting, well-rounded and accomplished woman on the planet! The competition is looking for the woman that has it all. “Miss Multiverse.”

Talented and experienced contestants from around the world, will be scored based on daily challenges that measure stamina, intellect, drive, and substance. These include IQ evaluation, Fitness challenges, Marketing assignments, Social Media Influencing and much more. Judges measure qualities such as; leadership, entrepreneurial abilities, conventional wisdom, teamwork, and the capability to build trust & reach consensus.

Miss Multiverse

Filming takes place on the white sand beaches of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Contestants are often wearing their bikinis at the beach and swimming pools of the Hard Rock Resort, during water sports and while enjoying the warm weather of this tropical paradise.

The ‘Last Woman Standing’ competition pushes them to dig deeper than they ever have. This endurance challenge literally does NOT end until the last woman is standing. This is an epic adventure of self-discovery and personal growth that will test them beyond their limits.

Miss Multiverse
The Last Woman Standing Challenge. Miss Multiverse

Hundreds of women apply for the title but only a hand full of them arrive to the grand finals in Punta Cana. This is the only – no nonsense – no joke – and fully transparent competition in the planet. This format was designed for the best of the very best.

The program has an unscripted style format. In the course of each episode viewers get an insider’s look in to the competitive world of high-stakes beauty competitions.

Miss Multiverse 2018, Diana Kubasova
Miss Multiverse 2018, Diana Kubasova

The current winner of Miss Multiverse, Diana Kubasova will crown her successor Miss Multiverse 2019 and will become a main character of the series “I Am Multiverse” co-starring next to CEO Linda Grandia in the next edition of the TV Reality. Will it be Alyona Smirnova? Will she bring the crown to Ukraine? Follow her journey on the search for The Most Amazing Woman on Earth.

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