Miss Multiverse 2019 in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana – Alice Veglio Interview

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Miss Multiverse italy 2019 - semi finals

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019 became 1RU in the Miss Multiverse world finals.

Alice Veglio, international model, personal trainer and influencer from Italy became 1RU in the Miss Multiverse world finals. The competition took place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Alice Veglio has a university degree in Holistic Health Sciences and a second degree in Economics and Business Management.

INTERVIEW: Alice Veglio – Inside view of the competition in her own words.

Miss Multiverse world final and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana: what an exciting duo!

When I first came into the contest on November 28th my heart was beating fast. I was getting into the game I’ve always dreamed of. Now no time to be anxious, just pure excitement in receiving my sash and finally meeting the other contestants.

I saw so much beauty and talent in every single one of them! I was honored to be part of such an exclusive group. Above all, the great respect I felt for every rival.

The day after we were all dressed in business outfit ready for the IQ Test: what could a Multiverse woman do without her mind skills? We were given a short period of time for many hard questions, but isn’t it what actually occurs in our daily life? We needed to be fast and smart at the same time such as in this modern business world!

Alice Veglio

And after that, as a normal task for a 2020 leading woman, we had a high-level bikini shooting in glam and sport poses, where elegance and sensuality have to match harmoniously.

I felt so hungry after all these tests! Luckily, we had a delicious dinner at “Los Gallos”, one of the best restaurants at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana: lovely Mexican food, tasty and delicate at the same time, a wonderful place to spend the evening.

A warrior always knows it’s never time to relax. On Saturday 30th, after an amazing breakfast in our room (I strongly recommend to try Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana room service, quick and absolutely efficient) we were all dressed for “some” sport activity following the instructions we’ve received.

One of the rules is that nobody could know what Miss Multiverse organizers were planning for us at any time. it was always a surprise. Anyway, uncertainty didn’t fade my willpower: a water-park “AquaPark Punta Cana” was waiting for us to test our strength and stamina.

We had to run fast on the “Blue monster”, a crazy floating path full of obstacles and then test our endurance on a rope challenge; in addition, we had to fight ¨one against one¨ on a thrilling zip-line contest.

I looked deep into my opponents’ eyes: I couldn’t find any fear nor insecurity. A group of Women proud and determined: what an honor to be part of it! We shared strokes and hugs, sweat and pain, joy and sorrow. Five hours of fighting primarily against our inner fears, trying to exceed our limits.

At the end…. some bruises, a little weariness but still strong in heart!

December 1st great tension in the group! We faced the first elimination: Miss Lithuania abandoned the contest. I felt both relief and sorrow for losing a just acquired new friend. After a new bikini shooting, we were asked to wear a free outfit for dinner: what a great opportunity to express my mood!

I opted for a long red dress in tune with a hard contest such as Miss Multiverse, feeling absolutely at ease in the location chosen for dinner: “Ciao” Italian restaurant made me feel at home with delicious dishes skillfully prepared from great chefs.

Next morning a good training session at “Body Rock”: Hard Rock Hotel awesome gym full of any kind of tools for our fitness. HD screen treadmills, digitally assisted training machines, high quality trainers: what a paradise for a Multiverse fitness lover as I am!

And then that moment arrived. The day conceived for testing our bravery. The trial to verify our inner and whole aptitude to be Multiverse.

The challenge many women wouldn’t deal with. We were divided into two teams: mine was sent on a solitary beach next to the jungle. Our goal was to survive into the wild: get some food from the land, light a fire, find a safe shelter for the night.

Venomous spiders and snakes were our mates for the night… Could you imagine a more frightening scenario? Anyway, all team members were strong enough and we succeeded in this hard challenge.

Task completed? Not a chance! The day after we had to plan a treasure hunt hiding clues in the jungle to be found by the rival team.

I personally prepared last clue based on a Mathematical formula. A group swimming in an awesome rough see completed our experience. I came back to Hard Rock Hotel wounded in my skin from the battles I fought but stronger in the heart for the strength I disclosed.

Some cuddles for nighttime? Yes please, let me merge in such a “Truly All Inclusive” hotel experience! I enjoyed fabulous fish food in “La Isla” Restaurant, a must for aficionados of fine cooking (please take note of this for your staying in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana!).

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Then just a little stop for a wonderful homemade ice cream offered by “Ice Cone” near Casino entrance and a crazy dancing time at “Moon Lounge”: one of my favorite bars for nightlife.

The next day? Treasure hunting of course! A big challenge between two teams looking for clues often hard to find! A high-speed rush mixing physical endurance and mental freshness to solve all the riddles rivals had prepared for us. A good job for an aspiring Miss Multiverse!

After a good dinner at “Ciao” Restaurant, the awaited verdict for treasure hunt contest: …”and the winner was…” My team!! What an amazing prize was to win a special party in famous “Coco Bongo” club in Punta Cana! All my group reached excited the club spending there some hours of fantastic entertainment: an unforgettable night!

Definitely it’s been an amazing start for this Miss Multiverse 2019 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana!

(Week 2) Interview – Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

An old American song in my mind: “Against the wind” by Bob Seger, not only an old classic but mainly the leitmotiv of my second week here at Miss Multiverse.

How many beautiful songs like this can we hear at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana! It seems like there is always something happening here: whether a live music band, a parade or a party, it’s impossible to get bored! But let’s go back to the contest because we have great and exciting news to tell you, especially about the new challenges that we went through!

December 5th: meeting at boardroom. A good opportunity to share personal opinions improving at the same time our inner knowledge. And then everybody ready for an afternoon tour: Montana Redonda. What a Paradise! This amazing location in the mountains made us fall in love with its wonderful landscape.

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

A swing ride was followed by a special session: sitting in circle With the CEO of Miss Multiverse Linda Grandia, we were invited to openly say some reasons for being grateful.

I really appreciated these moments of mindfulness: to be Multiverse means also to take care of my inner balance, always keeping in mind how important it is to let positive feelings grow up and blossom inside me. Then back again to our favorite resort for a special dinner at fantastic Asian Restaurant “Zen”,celebrating Miss Moldova Aliona’s birthday.

That amazing live cooking experience was followed by a surprise party at Coco Bongo: dance floor always full of enthusiastic people for such a special event to celebrate…!

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

A yoga session on the beach opened the next day schedule. I couldn’t find a better way to start my daily activities, balancing mind and body to face the best all the issues a Multiverse woman have to deal with.

Highlight of the day? Crazy pool party! It was electrifying dancing with Caribbean and Reggaeton music between a huge number of enthusiastic resort customers…! In the mid of this wonderful party a great amount of foam was thrown in the pool, increasing fun and excitement for all of us.

EQ tests were what we had to face on December 7th. Miss Multiverse organizers seemed to particularly care about that topic: I really appreciate the opportunity to investigate about deepest aspects of my character.

Final results confirmed my inner feelings: my profile resulted to be strong-minded and self-centered. No need to be proud of it. Just a tool to be used for my ultimate goal: to show how I can really be Multiverse.

Lots of tasks then for all of us: we were asked to raise funds to help a poor family rebuild their house, write two articles concerning our experience, post the best pictures representing our stay at the Resort.

All was conceived as a game with tight deadlines. How could it be possible to get the job done in just a couple of days? I was aware the real message was: a 2020 leading woman must find the time to complete everything needed, working day and night if necessary.

We had to go fully “Against the wind” despite all the hurdles. So I immediately rolled up my sleeves and I threw myself into work! Just the time to win volleyball contest with my teammates and to participate at a funny karaoke performance after dinner.

How to raise funds quickly and efficiently? Through my web marketing skills, I created a new website https://multiverseforpuntacana.com/ and linked to a Paypal payment button.

With my team we shot some videos on Sunday 8th to promote donations. Web advertising was really effective: a large number of donations reached our website making every one of us proud for our call to action.

What an honor to personally know the family we were working for! I spent some time at their house in the afternoon to directly check their hard life conditions, acquiring some footage to add into the website. Then as usually…. a rush to reach the other contestants ready for the “Escape Room” game: one hour spent to solve though riddles in one of the most fascinating adventures available at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

In each team there was also a spy to be found whose job was to sabotage our work: just another way to give us more hard time…!

Office work ¨only¨ cannot help poor people? Not at all! A real Multiverse must be able to wear “handy-women” outfit and operate directly to fix the problems! On December 9th we were all properly dressed to help the Dominican family repair their house. After a first check we went buying the tools needed to clean the house, fix and paint the walls and remove some wasps’ nests. And then… at work!

We did of course only what was in our power but after a few hours the house started to look quite different!

The same day we closed an agreement with a local builder to complete the work as soon as possible, using the money we have been able to collect with our fundraising campaign. After dinner we had a global meeting discussing results of our charity activities.

Environmental pollution was the topic for Tuesday 10th. That wasn’t about coming up with some project: what we had to do was pure action! After a meeting with a representative from Dominican Ministry of Tourism… the beach was waiting for us… to be cleaned! Even in a paradise such as Dominican beaches, plastic is actually a fearsome pollutant.

My personal commitment for a green lifestyle dates back when I was a teenager. My concept of a Multiverse woman cannot go without a strong action for safeguarding the environment. How pleased I was to guide my team in such a useful task!

Great surprise before dinner: a fantastic meeting with Scott Jeffers, Temptation Island producer, who came to HRHC with his wife to directly meet Miss Multiverse contestants. After a delicious dinner at “La Isla”, we had some fun with dancing time and drinks at our beloved “Moon Lounge”.

Then came the hardest challenge

And finally we were facing THE DAY. The extreme challenge. The ultimate physical test: “Last woman standing”. Continuous exercise until exhaustion, contestants quitting the game one by one when energy abandoned their body.

I trained myself a lot for that challenge but it wasn’t possible to understand what level I reached compared to my opponents. It has been hard physically but also and above all mentally.

First hour was enough for 3 of us, then many other contestants dropped the challenge. We were only four left after 3 hours and we struggled for an endless time during a little storm, literally “against the wind”. Sand in the eyes. Sweat mixed with tears. Tears salted as osean water: same taste, same smell.

I got the 3rd place: an honor and a great reward for all my efforts in such a hard challenge. Tired but deeply satisfied we spent the evening completing a business competition. A gratifying outcome for me: Thanks to my sponsor – Dana Designs Italy I won the contest together with Miss Ukraine.

At the end of my second week I felt deeply in tune with the Miss Multiverse mission. A woman couldn’t be evaluated only for her beauty. If we strongly believe women have to count more in our society, let’s promote an effective new model of feminine power: wit, bravery, intelligence and true leadership skills together with stamina and endurance qualities.

A daily rush against the wind isn’t what every woman has to deal with? So… let’s sing with Bob Seger our anthem for the future, proud to be Multiverse messengers for a new women’s condition!

(Week 3) Interview – Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

The last days at Miss Multiverse and road to the FINAL!

Several roads could drive us to enlightenment: being “Multiverse” and a “Power Woman” means to open body and mind for improving ourselves… And this is what’s happening every day as we proceed towards the big final!

Judgement day on Thursday 12th: dreaded semifinal that will send out all of the contestants and only 10 will remain to reach the finals. A lot of rehearsals during the day to learn timings and right movements for a perfect show. Then a fast dinner to be ready for the audience and…. to know awaited results.

Fear, hopes, deepest emotions: these were the links between us. At the end the news I was waiting for: I had been selected for the final! I made Top 10.

What a feeling to become one of the Top 10 most valuable Miss in this hard contest!

Not enough time to celebrate. The following day we had a political debate, where we had to play a leading role in an argument concerning economic and social issues. Despite our commitment no team reached satisfactory results: that’s why the organization decided to send us to sleep in the house we where re-building with the donations we collected in the charity challenge. To be in the shoes of this family who lives in total poverty and realize that we could have fought harder in the search of solutions to poverty during the debates.

Miss Iceland, previously eliminated, took the place of Miss Spain, eliminated from the contest after the semi-final. A dark path drove us to that solitary house: a test to our level of stress and the way to fortify our spirit in a continuous emotional ballet. No fear anyway, just consciousness to have really got our mentors’ message: to understand the biggest social problems, get into the real word and experience them!

We were ten beautiful, sports and clever women: rivals? Mates? Maybe both. So, let’s have also fun together! A Dune Buggy race on Saturday 14th was followed by an amazing boat party starting from Marina Caribe Punta Cana.

Laughing together after many tense days refreshed our souls and a tug of war competition on an island sealed group cohesiveness.

Individual interviews were what we have been dealing with on Sunday 15th. I really liked it: a personal space to be used for expressing myself, an unmissable opportunity to open my heart sincerely about contest’s topics & issues as a reality show requires. I really believe Miss Multiverse can contribute to contestants’ personal growth.

Every challenge can be a step towards a better understanding of our limits and abilities; interviews act somehow as a little psychotherapy allowing our inner parts reaching the surface. Surprise for the night: Miss Moldova was elected Miss Friendship by all the group!

A Multiverse path always brings unexpected challenges, especially as we get closer to the final! On Monday 16th: surf contest in the morning at wonderful “Macao Surf Camp”. I’ve never practiced Surf in my life: born near ski fields I was more used to snowboarding… so no exceptional results for me but a real great fun!

A paint ball fight followed in the afternoon at the Paintball Park RD, a tough test for all of of us but also an opportunity to get to know each other better even in a “war” context like this.

Two days into the nature before the big final

Wednesday at 8.00 am: everybody ready for a trip to reach the amazing Dominican Tree House Village! What an incredible place…! A resort built in a forest with little houses between the trees, completely surrounded by the jungle.

We spent the afternoon discovering the resort. I couldn’t imagine a better place for an adventurous vacation! All around us it was completely pristine and unpolluted: we merged in a natural environment showing an outstanding beauty… A delicious dinner of local fabulous foods perfectly completed our discovering experience.

I enjoyed a staying in many wonderful hotels in the past but none allowed me to live totally merged in such an untouched environment: it’s a unique experience which you should make at least once in a lifetime!

Duties done for the day? Not at all! We were asked to perform an advanced IQ Test and an essay of 2,500 words: no time to relax the mind for a would-be Miss Multiverse.

We had to answer the toughest practice questions to test our lateral thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills. Advanced IQ Tests goes beyond the standard level of IQ practice with challenging questions.

To make this challenge even more difficult and to see who would be the first to break down, they turned on sleep inducing music combined with the real sounds of nature, next to a warm fireplace with bubbles (and no coffee) all this was intentionally set for our brains to shut down, feel sleepy and difficult to concentrate.

The use of a calculator was not permitted in respect of the numerical questions, which are designed to test your aptitude when working with numbers as well as your powers of mental arithmetic.

After my “first night spent on a tree”, I woke up feeling a close affinity with the environment around me: smells, sounds, silence, all gave me an unusual and compelling sensation to be one with a pristine nature.

We spent the day performing shootings and footages in such an outstanding location where jungle, waterfalls and sea were a really unique proscenium. No words can describe my inner feelings: I’ve worked as a model in hundreds of different places but none gave me such an intense sensation of peace.

The World Finals at the Hard Rock Punta Cana.

Thursday 19th December was last judgment day. I fought hard to win this contest: I strongly want to obtain the best result in every single experience of my life. Since the day I met Liinda last year I decided to put everything I had for this competition: hours and hours of training, IQ tests, sales training, marketing, hard work and dedication to prepare every challenge and every moment of Miss Multiverse. Miss Multiverse is for me not only a contest but an opportunity to live the mission of my life: demonstrate the power of inner strength of a woman and show that there aren’t limits for a motivated human.

On this day so important and so full of emotion, we dedicated ourselves to rehearsals and we had a free afternoon. I dedicated myself to meditation and concentration activities to give my best on the last evening of this incredible experience.

The show started at 9:00 pm with the beating of my heart that seemed to follow the rhythm of the songs. Despite the emotional load of this evening, on the catwalk I felt free and inspired ready to show once again the best of myself. At the end of our 3 catwalks, the moment we had been waiting for a long time, had finally arrived: the final verdict, the judgment that would have decreed the ranking of the competition.

From the ninth classified they started to call the names of the classified girls and, name after name, my heart beating faster and faster and my eyes shined with a light of pride and emotion. Finally, I found myself hand in hand with Alyona, Miss Ukraine, an incredible talented woman, playing the title of most amazing woman on the earth.

Even if the name pronounced by Liinda was not mine, being 1st runner up in this competition immediately had unparalleled value for me. I learned to consider all the challenges I came out of as victories with the awareness of having given the best of myself, always surpassing myself.

After this incredible moment of proclamation and official photos we headed to Coco Bongo for a surprise: another mysterious coronation in this magnificent location!!

I never thought it would be the location of one of the most unforgettable and exciting moments of my life.

Yes, the name pronounced as Miss Power Woman 2019 was mine!!

Miss power woman 2019 crowning - Alice-Veglio
Alice Veglio Crowned Miss Power Woman 2019

Receiving this title and this crown allowed me to see myself in the shoes of the woman I dreamed of being for a long time, allowed me to be proclaimed as the type of woman that I fight every day to become.

Alice Veglio Crowned Miss Power Woman 2019

After this incredible path and emotions one only thing I know for sure: the Multiverse path that drives to enlightenment has a lot to do with what I’ve experienced in these awesome, intense and wonderful three weeks of contest that I will never forget.

The Miss Multiverse experience really changed my life by giving me opportunities to live differently, touching deeply my soul.

I want to thank the Miss Multiverse Organization and all the other girls who have been strong contestants but especially wonderful friends and through their opposition they enabled me to go beyond my limits and show the most “multiverse” and “most powerful” version of myself.

Last but not least, thank to the organization, my followers and friends from Italy and everyone who has been part of this amazing adventure that I will never forget. My special gratitude to my sponsor – Dana Designs Italy.


It’s such a hard task to come up with a list of the best experiences at Miss Multiverse contest. Anyway, this is my top ten, going from 10th to first place following my emotional journey:

  • 10.First day receiving sashes and meeting Diana, our first mentor
  • 9.Our fantastic boat party: unforgettable moments to feel our sisterhood despite challenges
  • 8.Beach cleaning: a real call to action to do something useful for our planet
  • 7.Desert island challenge: bravery and skills to live into the wild
  • 6.The Charity Challenge, an awesome moment when we tried to be real agents of change
  • 5.Dominican tree house village experience: I never felt like this before, merged in a natural environment that touched me in the deep
  • 4.Semifinals night, when I realized I was between the best Multiverse women on the planet
  • 3.Montana Redonda Paradise meditation session, a special moment to restore our souls in an amazing environment
  • 2.Last woman standing: the ultimate challenge, the point of no return to be a real Multiverse Woman
  • 1.The act of writing this article as a good time for reflection about this wonderful adventure: realizing how many steps I’ve taken and how much I have changed during this journey.

Final Results: The Winner is Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, December 19, 2019 Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova was crowned Miss Multiverse 2019 at the Theater of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The 1st RU Miss Italy – Alice Veglio was crowned Miss Power Woman 2019. 2nd RU Miss Moldova – Aliona Chitoroaga was crowned Miss Megaverse 2019. Special award Miss Alpha Female was awarded to Miss Peru – Karen Isabel Rojas

  • WINNER Miss Multiverse: Miss Ukraine: Alyona Smirnova (Awards: Miss Charity – Miss Business – Last Woman Standing)
  • 1st RU Miss Italy – Alice Veglio (Awards: Miss Social Media – Miss Debate) Crowned Miss Power Woman 2019
  • 2nd RU Miss Moldova – Aliona Chitoroaga (Awards: Miss Friendship – Miss Networker) Crowned Miss Megaverse 2019
  • 3rd RU Miss France – Nadiya Karplyuk (Awards: Miss Positivity)
  • 4th RU Miss Latvia – Kate Alexeeva (Awards: Miss Photogenic)
  • 5th RU Miss America – Shelby Howell (Awards: Miss Intelligence)
  • 6th RU Miss Iceland – Disa Dungal (Awards: Miss Fitness)
  • 7th RU Miss Peru – Karen Isabel Rojas (Awards: Miss Entertainment)
  • 8th RU Miss Russia – Aygul Zaripova (Awards: Miss Catwalk)
  • 9th RU Miss Belarus – Kseniya Osovitskaya (Awards: Miss Bikini)
  • 10th RU Miss Canada – Mina Khtaria
  • 11th RU Miss Belgium – Josephine Charlotte Lecluyse
  • 12th RU Miss Poland – Doris De Palo
  • 13th RU Miss Finland – Kateriina Juselius
  • 14th RU Miss Lithuania – Karolina Karalaite (Eliminated)
  • 15th RU Miss Germany – Maren Tschinkel (Health Issues)
  • 16th RU Miss Spain – Desiree Hampton (Eliminated)

Never made it to the contest:

  • Miss China – Yuan Zhenzhen
  • Miss Kazakhstan – Bibamariyam Duisebekova
  • Miss Romania – Anastasia Cova
  • Miss Zambia – Matildah Maymuna
  • Miss Czech Republic – Lenka Josefiova
  • Miss Mexico – Georgina Vargas

The Miss Multiverse organization thanks all sponsors:

Head Sponsor: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

Director and CEO: Linda Grandia

Other sponsors and partners:
Ramona Haar Jewelry – Coco Bongo Punta CanaMagna MotorsAqua Park Punta Cana – Downtown Punta Cana, Miss-Sjerpen.nl – Macao Surfcamp – Caribbean Traveling Network – FilmonTV – Escapology Punta Cana – Marina Caribe Punta Cana Catamaran – Sling Shot Boogies at Hard Rock – Dominican Tree House Village – Kelly tours @kellytoursdr – Ministerio de turismo @mturismord – Grupo RANVINCOR S.R.L @paintballparkrd – Dana Designs Italy – Make Up @olga.montilla

Yolandi Franken, Diana Kubasova, DJ Christian Azar, Randy Guerrero, Ruddy Perez, Olga Montilla.

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