Donald Trump’s Miss Universe vs Miss Multiverse Trademark Disputes

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Trademark disputes can be scary especially when accused and opposed by Donald Trump and Industry giants; such as WME, IMG and MISS UNIVERSE the most famous beauty pageant in the world. This is what happened to Liinda Grandia, CEO of MISS MULTIVERSE. But sometimes in order to win, it pays to stick to your game-plan and play the process rather than back down.

The Miss Multiverse vs Miss Universe Trademark case is one such example. As reported by the New York Post – PageSix : Miss Universe owned by Donald Trump at the time, opposed Liinda Grandia when registering her trademark Miss Multiverse in the USA, on the grounds that ¨the name Miss Multiverse was too close to its famous mark Miss Universe registered since the 1960s,” and might then confuse reasonable consumers.

Can you imagine being Miss Multiverse or its owner Liinda Grandia, opposed by Donald Trump and Miss Universe and trying to market your own brand during that nearly four-year limbo? Imagine grasping that Donald Trump has become the president of the United States and sold the Miss Universe trademark to Industry giants. WME | IMG Acquires Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization. Think of the budget and caliber of law firms hired by TV and media industry giants; such as IMG and WGM pursuing your trademark in court. IMG Sold For $2.3 Billion To William Morris Endeavor. Talk about David and Goliath, quite intimidating!

Public Discovery Records: Miss Universe Vs. Miss Multiverse.

Miss Multiverse has been organizing their Competition and TV Reality Show filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana since 2014. The Miss Multiverse Organization registered their Mark with the USTPO (MISS MULTIVERSE S#:86235052) on October 2014. With the intent to use and broadcast their TV show in the United States. On February 2015, Miss Universe L.P., LLLP owned by Donald Trump at the time, opposed their trademark registration. Opposer Miss Universe, filed a TTAB motion (ESTTA734893) on 03/21/2016 supported by documents bearing the signature of Donald Trump authenticating the purchase and transfer of the Miss Universe trademark to IMG and requesting IMG to be named/joined Opposer in proceedings.

According to public discovery court records (ESTTA785465), the Miss Multiverse Trademark was first registered in Europe in 2011 and claimed the meaning of ¨Multiverse¨ as the highest title in pageantry. In the beauty pageant industry, the significance of pageant titles increases by means of regional association. Pageant titles begin at the state level. Contestants move up to the Nationals and become eligible for greater International pageants. Miss International, to Miss World, then Miss Galaxy and finally the largest region of them all ¨The Universe. ¨ This has been the last frontier for many years. But there is a new region in cosmology ¨The Multiverse.¨ This is a game changer in pageantry, meaning contestants can now aspire to reach a title after Miss Universe. According to the applicant´s testimony, this is what triggered the alarm bells that sparked the opposition from Miss Universe.

Opposition Withdrawal and Case Dismissed.

The appeals board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office finally dismissed this opposition in favor of Miss Multiverse. Pursuant to Rule 601.01 and 37 C.F.R. § 2.106(c). Miss Universe L.P., LLLP and IMG Universe, LLC, withdrew their Opposition on July 30, 2018. Requesting through their attorneys that it be dismissed with prejudice. The CEO of Miss Multiverse, Liinda Grandia. With no attorney representation. Accomplished a victory, of the likes, never seen before, in oppositions filed by lawyers of Miss Universe.

Miss Universe Vs Miss Multiverse and the Hollywood Agency Wars.

The Miss Universe against Miss Multiverse Trademark dispute dates all the way back to 2015 amidst the escalation of a series of battles known as the “Hollywood Agency Wars”, in which CAA, ICM, UTA and William Morris try to pummel each other into oblivion, triggering talent exodus among rival agencies. In 2014 hyper trademark watching, cyber-squatting, Trademark Bullying, and media attacks are the newest battleground. Protecting intellectual property in media and entertainment has increased in relevance within the showbiz industry. Miss Universe president Paula Shugart said, “We enforce our trademark all over the world.”

Miss Multiverse CEO Liinda Grandia said In public records, she suspects ¨entertainment attorneys take advantage of the USTPO legal loopholes to engage in Trademark bulling¨

The World of Talent and Entertainment Business: ‘Is Much Tougher Than It’s Ever Been.  Liinda Grandia argued, the opposition against her trademark was an attempt to interrupt her business operations in the USA; but the TTAB dismissed those claims. Rival companies can file an opposition to submerge their competitors with legal expenses. Many abandon their rightful marks due to the financial burden. The opposing party can retract their claim and drop the case at any time. In return, the opposing party will face no legal consequences, while strategically delaying their business rival’s operations and growth.

Liinda Grandia used David and Goliath as her Winning Strategy

With high Legal expenses mounting and piling-up. Liinda Grandia realized her opponents where multimillionaire corporations. Her opponent´s strategy was to turn legal proceedings into a lengthy battle to drain her company financially. As noted within public court records (ESTTA693078). Liinda Grandia´s counter-strategy was to represent herself, with no attorney, and to pay the lowest legal fees as possible. Business owners are increasingly becoming aware of these legal loopholes. They stick to their game-plans rather than backing down.

Liinda Grandia holding Crown posing with Miss Multiverse Models

Liinda Grandia in an early stage of dispute stated ¨This opposition over the letters Miss is pure nonsense¨, Mr. Trump seems to think. He owns every letter in the alphabet.  Liinda Grandia also refers to other marks such as Miss University trademarked within the USTPO, unchallenged by Miss Universe as evidence of unfair opposition. She also mentions cases such as the Margarete River family-run olive oil business that won its David and Goliath legal battle against Sir Richard Branson’s mighty empire over the use of the word “virgin”.

Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. His company argued. Vase Virgin may confuse Australian consumers. Picture: AP

The Worldwide Expansion of the Miss Multiverse Trademark

Although the word “Multiverse” literally means all that exists. The longer we have studied the word. The larger more malleable and accepted it appears to have become. With 12,400 Million hits on Google. The word Multiverse has seen an immense increase in popularity and is apparently here to stay.

Hollywood is taking a multiverse approach with their film and television properties. With blockbuster movies; The Matrix, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Tron, and Avatar defining the Multiverse in Pop culture, as the last frontier. This rising popularity places the Miss Multiverse trademark in a promising position. The trademark can grow and expand within the Entertainment, Tourism, Leisure, Beauty, Marketing, and Television industries combined.

linda grandia miss multiverse
Miss Multiverse

Miss Multiverse in the United States.

According to various articles found on and their official website. The Miss Multiverse Organization will now be franchising the entire USA Territory and is actively seeking for the right partnership. Liinda Grandia has scheduled to conduct the 7th edition of the Miss Multiverse pageant in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, as a reality television series to be filmed on October 21, this year. Miss Multiverse plans to include a tour through the United States. The purpose is to increase presence in US territory leading to major events in the near future.

Miss Multiverse in Latin America.

According to the Miss Multiverse Organization in Partnership with CocoBongo the most popular show and nightlife in Mexico and Punta Cana will be taking bikinis to a new level. The contestants will become part of the Coco Bongo’s energizing, unique show production with acrobatic artists and extraordinary musical mix. Miss Multiverse will transform the national costume round and bikini round into a bikini with wings extravaganza.

In August this year, Cocobongo and Miss Multiverse organized an adventurous modeling tour. This trip included a two-week visit to Cancun Mexico and Havana Cuba to promote these activities.

Miss Multiverse in Europe.

Liinda Grandia plans to culminate the Miss Multiverse tour with a visit to Spain in partnership with AgoraNext and IT-Holding Capital a Venture Capital fund which invests in travel startups in pre-seed, seed and growth stage with a high growth potential basically in Europe and the US, a hub from Telefónica, which is a strategic partner of AgoraNext. Two episodes of the Reality Series will be filmed in Spain. Capturing the exhilarating nightlife and tourism of Ibiza, Mallorca, Marbella and featuring important landmarks and culinary arts of Madrid and other major cities.

Miss Multiverse in Asia

Mrs. Liinda Grandia and Mrs. Yunhye Jung CEO of SH Entertainment; signed a bilateral business agreement on the 13th of April 2018 at the Expert Training Center of South Korea. The partnership launched its first event titled “Beauty & Talent Competition” in the city of Incheon, Korea in June 2018 with 30 international models and live events. Liinda Grandia has her sights firmly set on fusing her TV reality concept with the Korean “pop-superstar culture”. She seeks to create TV drama with a splash of talent, adventure, and glamorous extravaganza.

Miss Multiverse in Australia

The Miss Multiverse Australia franchise launched in January 2017 lead by Executive Producer Yolandi Franken on the search for Australia’s most beautiful and multi-faceted ladies. Originally commencing with 700 applicants, and narrowing down to 50 finalists, contestants had to survive rigorous challenges and tests to make it to the next round.

The candidates who stood out and demonstrated exceptional qualities are chosen as the Top 10 National Finalists. The National Finalists took part in further testing in Sydney. They endured mental, physical, emotional and social challenges pushing them to the brink. Says producer, Yolandi Franken during her interview for Star Central Magazine. The Awards Night was the highlight of the show. The season finale took place at the Sea Life Aquarium. Well-known Australian actors Malcolm Kennard, Nancy Hayes, and Salvatore Coco were present among the Judges and VIP’s. The venue was full, and several people missed out on obtaining tickets.

“We never expected such popularity in our first year”. Says producer, Yolandi Franken. She is currently wrapping up her second season 2018 with a larger production, double the number of contestants and sponsors. The winner of Australia will join 30 other contestants for the world finals at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

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