Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019 – Interview

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Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019
Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019

15 Questions with Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019

We spotted Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019 and international finalist in the 2019 search for: The Most Amazing Woman on Earth. We asked Miss Serbia contestant, Milica our quickfire questions as she prepares for the new season of this popular Reality Show & Competition that will be filmed in the Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana. Sparkling, crystal clear ocean waves and long, powdery white sand beaches define the area of this picture-perfect tropical paradise.

I usually wake up at… 

My morning routine is the same for every workday…I wake up around 7am start my day with a healthy breakfast then finish with my work, then go to training or Spanish lessons or meet with my friends. But the weekend is a totally different story, I am a sleepy head and I love to sleep and have my breakfast in bed when I don’t have lots of commitments… Most of the time I sleep until 10am then go horse riding, hiking or to enjoy any of my favorite adventures… 

I would never leave my home without… 

My mobile phone… It used to be my training equipment, I was playing volleyball and I still train Cross-Fit so every free time i find, I usually spend it on sports.

My beauty essentials include… 

Mascara is a must-do, and a good mask for hydrating…

My biggest fashion pet-peeve is… 

Balenciaga triple S sneakers.

Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019
Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019

My favorite travel snack is… 

If you spend lots and lots of time in the air plain you must eat some junk food…So my sweet guilty pleasure is Toblerone chocolate with almonds, the dose of dopamine which brings you up when you are tired and it brightens your mood too…

The last thing Milica Vuklis Googled was… 

I was making a cake for my parent’s birthday (they are both born on the same day) so I was searching for a recipe for a cake that my grandma used to make for my dad, it turned out perfectly…. have to brag a bit.

If my days had one extra hour… 

It is a hard one! I would spend that one extra hour with my family and loved ones. Days go by so quickly, and sometimes we all forget about the things that really matter…

Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019
Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019

On a typical Saturday night, I… 

It all depends; for example, if it’s wintertime, on a Saturday night I turn in to the typical karaoke queen. I worked a lot in Asia and karaoke is one of the things that I fell in love with while i was there… Obviously, I also love showbiz, the scene and stage light so singing on a stage is kind of my fav place to be. If it’s summer, then it is a totally different story then I enjoy camping and going to my country house with friends…

The article of clothing I’m currently wearing most… 

These days I am mostly wearing  my warmest winter jacket. In my country its winter, but winter is my favorite time of year because of skiing. Otherwise, I love watching the snow in the city from my warm room with a cup of hot chocolate.

My biggest fashion regret is… 

Cowboy boots.

Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019
Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019

When I’m stressed I… 

Go for a workout, or if I am super stressed I go to a shooting range…

What I love most about my country is… 

History, nature, and most of all would be the Serbian people…I traveled the world and I can tell you first hand that only in Belgrade when foreigner come to visit, everybody is friendly, super helpful and if they want to experience the Serbian night scene, Serbs would invite you to join them and them how to drink rakia (our national drink), so if you would like to enjoy the most fun vacation ever.. come to Belgrade, great time is guaranteed.

The best advice I ever got… 

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matters that you get up every time even stronger.

If I could meet anyone living or dead it would be… 

I would love the chance to meet the greatest scientist from Serbia Nikola Tesla, and be able to pick his brain to learn from him. That would be such an amazing opportunity… I have been amazed by his work and life since I was a child, because its such an inspiration for me to learn about brilliant scientist who was so dedicated, innovative and ahead of his time.

My favorite place to shop is…

First of all I have to say that my favorite thing to shop is food, so you can imagine what is my fav place to shop… If you ever visit Barcelona go to the Meat market, Spanish ham is one of the best delicacies I have ever tasted.

So there you have it. An inside look at Milica Vuklis Mindet.

She will compete for the title of Miss Multiverse, against 30 women, from 30 different countries whom are on top of their game physically, mentally and emotionally.

Beauty, of course, plays a part in the competition, but winning will take Substance, Drive and Achievement Beyond Beauty.

Will Milica Vuklis have what it takes to be The Most Amazing Woman on Earth?

Milica Vuklis is an experienced beauty queen, she won the title ” Miss Serbia ‘2013/2014 and represented her country at Miss World pageant. She also took 3rd place in the Miss Cosmo World Competition last year, which is one of the best placements, Serbia has had in the last 15 years.

Milica is described as a successful Serbian model, working on her civil engineering degree, she speaks several foreign languages and is passionate about fitness.

Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019
Milica Vuklis Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019

Milica Vuklis is now the title holder of Miss Multiverse Serbia 2019 and is preparing to use all her skills and experience to compete in the world finals. This is an all new competition format, designed to find the most exciting, well-rounded and accomplished woman on the planet! The competition is looking for the woman that has it all. “Miss Multiverse.”

Talented and experienced contestants from around the world, will be scored based on daily challenges that measure stamina, intellect, drive, and substance. Milica will be put to the ultimate test. These include IQ evaluation, Fitness challenges, Marketing assignments, Social Media Influencing and much more. Judges measure qualities such as; leadership, entrepreneurial abilities, conventional wisdom, teamwork, and the capability to build trust & reach consensus.

Miss Multiverse

Filming takes place on the white sand beaches of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Contestants are often wearing their bikinis at the beach and swimming pools of the Hard Rock Resort, during water sports and while enjoying the warm weather of this tropical paradise.

The ‘Last Woman Standing’ competition pushes them to dig deeper than they ever have. This endurance challenge literally does NOT end until the last woman is standing. This is an epic adventure of self-discovery and personal growth that will test them beyond their limits.

Miss Multiverse
The Last Woman Standing Challenge. Miss Multiverse

Hundreds of women apply for the title but only a hand full of them arrive to the grand finals in Punta Cana. This is the only – no nonsense – no joke – and fully transparent competition in the planet. This format was designed for the best of the very best. The winning mind frame and drive of the contestants can be preserved while reading Milica Vuklis interview; where she answers:

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matters that you get up every time even stronger.

The program has an unscripted style format. In the course of each episode viewers get an insider’s look in to the competitive world of high-stakes beauty competitions.

Miss Multiverse 2018, Diana Kubasova
Miss Multiverse 2018, Diana Kubasova

The current winner of Miss Multiverse, Diana Kubasova will crown her successor Miss Multiverse 2019 and will become a main character of the series “I Am Multiverse” co-starring next to CEO Linda Grandia in the next edition of the TV Reality. Will it be Milica Vuklis? Will she bring the crown to Serbia? Follow her journey on the search for The Most Amazing Woman on Earth.

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