Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019

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Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019
Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019

Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019

The USA has joined the 2019 search for: The Most Amazing Woman on Earth. Fashion Model and Actress Shelby Howell from California received the title Miss Multiverse America 2019 and will represent the United States at the world finals.

Shelby Howell, is a High Fashion Model with a Commercial and Print Modeling track record. This Runway Model has that natural clean look that reminds you of the ideal “all American Beauty” we see depicted in Hollywood movies.

Taking a deeper look in to Shelby’s carer, reveals that she has more of a charlies angels character type personality. She is in to Martial Arts, Kick boxing, Lacross Fitness, athleticism and entrepreneurship. Shelby is an all rounded combination of beauty, fitness and brains, an intellectual woman with strategical thinking capabilities, whom is driven by her social community work and embraces life’s challenges as an opportunity for personal growth.

Shelby Howell and 463 semi-finalist from the United States applied for the title. Casting directors said it was Shelby’s multifaceted qualities combined with her social work and enthusiasm, that ultimately got her the title of Miss Multiverse America.

Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019
Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019

Shelby believes that every single person is capable of achieving their dreams. She is against bullying and wants to spread awareness about the bullying young children are exposed to in and out of school. She wants to let children know that being bullied will not stop them from becoming an amazing successful human being.

The young model shared with producers, that she was bullied throughout her entire childhood for being overweight. She was bullied so bad that she decided to homeschool her last two years of high school.

Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019
Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019

After taking a couple months to herself, she decided that the kids in school were not going to determine her future. Her dream ever since childhood was to become a fashion model and an actress and set her mind towards achieving these goals.

American actress Jennifer Lawrence had a similar experience. The actress known for power woman roles in movies; such as, The Hunger Games, Red Sparrow, Passengers, Mother! said that her bullying became so bad that she switched schools to get away from some mean girls.

Determined to achieve her dreams, Shelby Howell developed her own strategy and stuck to her game plan. She started to run avidly, workout with personal trainers, and incorporated healthy eating habits. After preparing herself physically and mentally, she worked up the courage to join open calls in Los Angeles, CA.

She got signed on the spot and has been growing and living her best life since. Shelby is now determined to spread her story and help other people and young children to know that they can also achieve anything they set their minds to.

Shelby Howell is by all means a mirror example of Mila Kunis who was also bullied in school because of her “funny face.” The Black Swan star says that kids would make fun of her big eyes and lips.

Shelby has a High School diploma and will be starting college in a couple months to study Entrepreneurship. Both of her parents are Entrepreneurs and she wants to follow in their footsteps.

Shelby wants to own her own business one day. She wants to create a clothing line for plus sized little girls. She wants to create a store where girls that struggle with obesity can feel fashionable and confident in their clothes.

Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019
Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019

Shelby loves fitness. She pushes herself every day to achieve new goals and become the best version of herself. She also loves to write poems, it helps her relax and express how she feels in a creative way. She also loves playing the piano, Shelby was self taught and thinks it is a beautiful way to express herself. Shelby also played varsity level lacrosse for 3 years, winning League Champions in High School.

Shelby Howell is described as a kindhearted young woman who wants to travel the world and experience everything in life. She is a firm believer to the saying “You only live once”. She wants to experience as much as she can in this beautiful life and push herself to limits that will challenge her to achieve every goal that she sets for herself.

So there you have it. An inside look of the Mind Set of Shelby Howell Miss Multiverse America 2019.

At this moment, Shelby is preparing to use all her social skills and modeling experience to win this personality contest. The world finals of Miss Multiverse is scheduled to begin Nov 28 to Dec 20, 2019, at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

About Miss Multiverse

This is an all new competition format, designed to find the most exciting, well-rounded and accomplished woman on the planet! The competition is looking for the woman that has it all. “Miss Multiverse.”

Will Shelby Howell have what it takes to be The Most Amazing Woman on Earth?

30 women, from 30 different countries whom are on top of their game physically, mentally and emotionally will compete for the title of Miss Multiverse.

Beauty, of course, plays a part in the competition, but winning will take Substance, Drive and Achievement Beyond Beauty.

Talented and experienced contestants from around the world, will be scored based on daily challenges that measure stamina, intellect, drive, and substance.

The contestants will be put to the test. These will include IQ evaluations, Fitness challenges, Marketing assignments, Social Media Influencing and much more. Judges will measure qualities such as; leadership, entrepreneurial abilities, conventional wisdom, teamwork, and the capability to build trust & reach consensus.

Miss Multiverse

Filming takes place on the white sand beaches of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Contestants are often wearing their bikinis at the beach and swimming pools of the All Inclusive 5 Stars, Hard Rock Resort, during water sports and while enjoying the warm weather of this tropical paradise.

The ‘Last Woman Standing’ competition pushes them to dig deeper than they ever have. This endurance challenge literally does NOT end until the last woman is standing.

This is an epic adventure of self-discovery and personal growth that will test them beyond their limits.

The Last Woman Standing Challenge. Miss Multiverse
The Last Woman Standing Challenge. Miss Multiverse

Hundreds of women apply for the title but only a hand full of them arrive to the grand finals in Punta Cana. This is the only – no nonsense – no joke – and fully transparent competition in the planet. This format was designed for the best of the very best.

The program has an unscripted style format. In the course of each episode viewers get an insider’s look in to the competitive world of high-stakes beauty competitions.

Miss Multiverse 2018, Diana Kubasova
Miss Multiverse 2018, Diana Kubasova

The current winner of Miss Multiverse, Diana Kubasova will crown her successor Miss Multiverse 2019 and will become a main character of the series “I Am Multiverse” co-starring next to CEO Linda Grandia in the next edition of the TV Reality. Will it be Shelby Howell? Will she bring the crown to The USA? Follow her journey on the search for The Most Amazing Woman on Earth.

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