The Truth behind Diana Kubasova and how she Won the Miss Multiverse Crown

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Diana Kubasova Miss Multverse 2018
Diana Kubasova Miss Multverse 2018

Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

Diana Kubasova model and TV personality from Latvia is the victorious winner of the most challenging and complex personality contest in the beauty industry. This competition format is designed to find the most amazing woman on Earth; testing substance, endurance, drive, intellect, and achievement beyond beauty… Miss Multiverse.

Is Diana Kubasova Multiverse? What makes her: The Most Amazing Woman on Earth. In this article we will dig in to the facts.

winner of Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
Winner of Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova

The level of difficulty is what makes winning this crown such an achievement for Kubasova. The settings of this contest are like no other competition in the beauty industry. Thousands of women from around the world apply for the title of Miss Multiverse. The criteria to participate are high and only a hand full of applicants arrive to the grand finals.

Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018
Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

The Miss Multiverse format was designed to find the best of the very best. The competition took place in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana a tropical paradise turned in to the ultimate battle ground with the participation of, some of the most beautiful, outstanding and well rounded women on the planet, each representing their countries. Diana Kubasova representing Latvia won the competition.

How did Diana Kubasova accomplish this? and is it really that difficult?

In nowadays pop culture we normally see our favorite models and actresses depicted in music videos and promotional campaigns, performing Power Woman activities that inspire us; but Miss Multiverse is the real deal, its not a promotional stunt, these contestants are the stuff that legends are made of. The challenges are claimed to be the hardest ever seen in beauty competitions.

Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018, known for Dancing with the stars, has already participated in many pageants and modeling shows. Kubasova comes across in her social media as the sophisticated and stylish woman. Not as a muscular Olympic medalist. Considering this we ask even more…

How did she win? and again… is the Miss Multiverse competition really that difficult?

Lets begin by understanding the origin and history of Miss Multiverse. The first traces of this competition dates back to the official coverage by Missosology in 2013 making it the first elimination style reality TV format in pageantry.

The success of this program, gave rise to a new trend in beauty pageants around the world. Attempting to create a similar reality show, pageants began filming their activities documentary style, depicting what happens behind the scenes.


This inside look in to many pageant documentaries, revealed that no other competition in the world has reached the level and complexity of Miss Multiverse. The challenges faced by Diana Kubasova to win the crown remain unrivaled in the beauty industry until this day.

As reported by the New York Post – PageSix : In 2015 The Miss Multiverse VS Miss Universe litigation initiated by Donald Trump, forced the organizers of the show to think outside of the box. The key strategy of Miss Multiverse CEO Linda Grandia to win the trademark court battle, was to redesign Miss Multiverse, and make it a complete different format, to counter the claims, that Miss Multiverse was very similar to the Miss Universe format.

The scoring system of the competition was one of the first noteworthy changes in the format, unique to Miss Multiverse. The organizers consulted the creators of the award winning TV show Judge Judy to find unique and fair ways to judge the contestants. As result, producers created a new scoring system with elements of the American action-adventure movie Divergent, making it the most transparent scoring system in pageantry.

Divergent Score Board

The point based system unlocks the next achievements leading contestants to the next adventurous challenges. This new format required no expert judges opinion, and removed all potential biases from the competition. As seen in the movie Divergent, participants with low performance scores don’t make the cut and risk being eliminated.

Elimination is not guaranteed during the program. If all contestants scores remain above the line, then all contestants continue the journey towards the next adventures.

Miss Multiverse Ranking System

Contestants bellow the line are in constant risk of elimination, the ones above the line are in the safe zone. The primary goal of the contestants, is to remain above the line, during the initial phase of the contest. Their first objective is to reach top 10 status in order to have a real shot at winning the crown.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
Miss Latvia reaches Top 10 Status

Reaching top 10 status is the equivalence of a PHD level title in pageantry. Contestants most be industry veterans already holding several previous titles under their belt, in addition to university level education, proven high IQ and professional track record. To reach Top 10 they have to achieve high scores in tests that will challenge those capabilities. They literally have to walk the talk. The ones who don’t make it return home.

This filtering process was designed to find the best of the best: and there is a reason behind this process; mostly because a novice would not withstand the Top 10 level challenges and the degree of strategic thinking, experience and leadership of rival contestants.

The challenges and adventures are re-designed each year making it difficult for contestants to track or prepare a strategy before arrival. Producers seek assistance from doctors in fields of; behavioral science, military professionals and fitness experts among others, to design the psychological mind games and challenges that continuously evolve in complexity and intensity trough the years.

In episodes of the programs, it may appear at first sight, as if physical challenges are the tests with high importance. Previous seasons of Miss Multiverse had Olympic medal winners join the competition and they did not win. This proves that this is not an athletic oriented competition. These physical activities do however, make an exiting show for viewers compared to IQ tests that are not as entertaining to sit and watch.

Beauty does play a part in the competition, the contestants are picture perfect gorgeous even more so with no make up during the challenges. We however see contestants of previous season with flawless beauty that have not won and some did not reach top 10. This demonstrates that physical appearance does not get you the crown.

In all reality this is more of a social and mental game where the overall balanced contestant who demonstrates to be the most multifaceted woman becomes the winner.

This brings us back to Diana Kubasova.

One of the chief producers commented that Kubasovas intellect and intuition resembles that of a high level diplomat combined with the strategic thinking of an FBI or CIA agent. He also stated that Kubasova is one of the most clever minds he has ever encountered.

Diana Kubasova was able to successfully solve the mind-bending puzzles and cracked the philosophy behind the code.

This still does not explain her success in the physical challenges.
The Last Woman Standing

Inspired by the American Action Movie G.I.Jane with Demi Moore The ‘Last Woman Standing’ challenge pushes them to dig deeper than they ever have. This endurance challenge literally does NOT end until the last woman is standing. This intensive exercise lasts six hours, full beat, under the blistering sun. Contestants are able to quit and tap out at any time until… the last woman remains standing. Diana Kubasova was that woman.

Diana Kubasova Miss Multverse 2018
The Last Woman Standing Challenge – Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova

How did Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018 accomplish winning this challenge?

Her rival in this challenge, Miss Multiverse Lithuania whom reached 2nd place in the last woman standing said; I reached a point when my mind detached from my body and i was moving like a robot. Diana Kobasova; on the other hand, was able to draw energy from deep down after figuring out that the real strategy to stay ahead in the game was mental and to remain present in order to manage her bodies energy and resources, this moment of enlightenment is what made her the winner.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
The Last Woman Standing Challenge – Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

The imposingly tall, muscular and all time screaming in your face boot camp drill captain who went out of his way to scream words designed to break down the contestants motivation; proudly told Kubasova and the group that he could have never imagined that a group of sophisticated and fashionable women would outlast his rigorous program designed to bring some of the strongest and fittest down on their knees in under one hour.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
The Last Woman Standing Challenge – Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

The trainer told Kubasoba who lasted six hours that she is bigger, stronger than he is, and that she has a resilient heart and mind able to accomplish what ever she determines to conquer in life.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
The Last Woman Standing Challenge – Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

This is not your traditional fitness challenge, this is an epic journey of self-discovery and personal growth that tests them beyond their limits. Contestants often say, we are all winners, they feel and know deep down, that making it this far in to the competition is already a remarkable accomplishment.

This competition is designed to challenge the modern woman of today’s society. The US Times magazine calls Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation. Inc Magazine Criticized Millennials as overly entitled, Lack of focus, only being out for themselves, and expect instant gratification with hardly no work.

The organization does not agree nor disagree with such criticism but a focus and goal oriented mindset is a most have quality to win Miss Multiverse.

An article published in business insiders magazine referring to millenials states that In REAL life you don’t get a trophy for losing. You don’t get a trophy when you don’t feel like finishing something. And you certainly don’t get a trophy when you quit.

Positive winners attitude is fundamental to join Miss Multiverse. Searching for Multiverse Women Level is like finding a needle in a haystack. The filtering process begins with a set of questions and enigmatic initial tasks where thousands fail. Only those with the right mind set are the ones who make it to Punta Cana.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Contestants Hard Rock punta-cana
Miss Multiverse 2018 Contestants Hard Rock punta-cana

The activities take place in the luxurious five star resort Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Beautiful white sand beaches and clear ocean waters are the backdrop scenery of this tropical paradise, distractions are all over the place, the temptation of giving-in to spoils of a fantastic tropical vacation millennials dream about, is present at all times; but letting temptation get the best of them, can cost them dearly.

Diana Kubasova is a world traveler, her Instagram has pictures of her taken in all four corners of the world. How did a millenial woman passionate about traveling not fail this paradoxical challenge?

Diana Kubasova participated in necessary activities sufficiently to be social. She however kept her discipline and retired back to her room realizing that time was limited to work out (the business challenge) this project was assigned days ago, the busy schedule helped many contestants forget about the upcoming deadline.

Contestants that got distracted by the glitz and glamour, took the apparent free time to indulge and where unable to deliver their projects the following day, loosing valuable points.

Contestants where then reminded in the board room, that in the real world, entrepreneurs have to some times entertain, network and attend social business events. They however have demanding clients and board members that do not care about their previous night or activities if they appear empty handed during an important pitch or presentation.

The elusive approach of Miss Multiverse testing methods are ground breaking, these challenge for women, showcases true and measurable achievement beyond beauty. The Miss Multiverse approach is more relevant today than ever for women living in a time where society seldomly takes women seriously across many industries.

Nowadays where Instagram is admired as the new model look with little to no content and the moment when pageants are not giving the respect and pride a title once had due to the shallow unverifiable criteria to win the crown.

Diana Kubasova was challenged like never before in a modeling contest. To the extend that winning produced tears of joy and trills up and down her spine. Upon winning, she also won the respect of her fellow competitors whom witnessed all her accomplishments first hand and agreed with her victory.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

Challenges that reveal Intellect, self control, balance and substance provide the highest scores in the competition. The IQ test, business challenges and political debates to name a few are by far not so simple. Traditional pageant themes usually revolve around a specific topic, this can be global worming, politics, speaking against war and so on. Contestants in traditional pageants have months to prepare, and rehearse their speech for a public. But this approach does not always resemble the real world.

The reality of the competitive landscape in business and politics; means that, Entrepreneurs are in constant pressure and time constraints. And real Politicians are in constant fire and scrutiny.

This is why Miss Multiverse contestants have no clue of the topics beforehand, they are placed in a debate with just hours to prepare, this is the organizations means to test the contestants world knowledge and ability to perform complex research, find realistic, efficient solutions and work as a team with limited time and under pressure.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova

Diana Kubasova lead her team effectively and received full collaboration from her team members, her leadership qualities helped her team reach consensus and mutual support required to win their challenges.

The final stages of the competition has no physical challenges, and appears to be the most relaxed level. This however, initiates the most difficult set of challenges. Under the surface lures an overall pressure within the group dynamics difficult to understand or even manage to overcome because they can only be felt emotionally.

This is where emotions can betray and blur their ability to see the big picture. At this stage mental balance, diplomacy, loyalty and the ability to manage their emotions and ego plays the ultimate role.

This final stage is what it all comes down to, this is the ultimate showdown and it all happens in a battle ground that resides within their own mind and soul where the ultimate opponent is no one else but your self.

Diānai Kubasova is the ideal depiction of delicate femininity and yet also perfectly embodies the Miss Multiverse crown and its meaning. One would not expect based on appearance, that such a beautiful face, well spoken, fashionably groomed and feminine body structure would encapsulate such high level physical, emotional and mental capabilities. This misconception of beauty is what the competition seeks to expose.

Contestant enter the competition because they believe there is more to them that meets the eye. Testing them selves in this competition provides them the self assurance that tips their self believes towards the unbreakable full confidence of a power woman.

They leave the competition with a new sense of accomplishment and awareness of their capabilities, that will enable them to conquer many challenges encountered in their professional and personal lives.

This competition emulates obstacles found in real life, influenced by today’s culture and recent events. The challenges are designed to bring in to focus the contestants inner qualities. The kind of qualities that they either have or don’t have; there is no preparation to develop specific personal characteristics in just a few weeks or even months before the competition. There is no make-up or hair-style that can mask or enhance who they truly are inside. These capabilities and internal beauty can only be harnessed by genuinely practicing them during lengthy periods of their lives.

For instance, Diana Kubasova is a beauty queen and model from Latvia, who won Miss Europe 2017 and Miss All Nations 2010. She was first runner-up at Miss Bikini International 2010 and second runner-up at Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 and is the current holder of the Miss Multiverse 2018 crown.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova
Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018 has worked with international brands like Guess, Maison Margiela, Zadig & Voltaire, Jaeger Lecoultre, Adidas, Armine, Galvanni etc. Her passion is languages and she speaks seven. She also studied in one if the best universities in Europe, Stockholm School of Economics, where she received a BSc degree in Financial Economics and Business.

Leveraging her multiple talents with entrepreneurship has played an important role in developing her successful professional career.

But this is not what got Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018 the crown.

Sociologist define culture as the manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Diana kubasova is by all means an extraordinary human being. Her individual qualities and values reflects her upbringing, her city, friends, her family, academic career and the culture that helped define the foundation behind her victory.

Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana  Kubasova
Diana Kubasova Miss Multiverse 2018

Even with a good foundation, the definition of free will ‘the making of ourselves’ means that “we can be ultimately responsible for our present character by virtue of past choices which helped to form them and for which we were ultimately responsible

What Diana Kubasova is truly responsible “all on her own“, is the capability to harness all these elements combined and channel them to become the best version of herself.. and this is what makes her Multiverse.

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